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confusion (PLEASE READ!!!!!)


im really confused i go through these moods...its like for a few weeks im really happy and then i get either really sad or really frustrated or really confused....i feel like i have everything i have ever wanted but its like i feel like im becoming distant from my friends...one of my problems is that i get paranoid really easily...like everything is probably fine right now but i still feel like something isnt right...i'm really happy that its summer and im even happier that i ended 10th grade with a 3.0 (over the whole semester i had a 2.something) i feel like i really accomplished something...its really frustrating to me though because usually my grades are a lot better...i also went shopping for my birthday party today (my birthday was April 8 LOL)...see i have soo many good things going on right now but i still feel weird...if someone can explain to me why i feel the way i feel that would make me really happy!

i love all of my friends so much and cant imagine my life without anyone of you

<3 always,


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