Yammie (ourxfirstxtime) wrote,

6 months

hokay so...yesterday was my 6 month anniversary!

the day started off at 12:30 am when we talked on the phone

and den i met up with him at Tito's tacos

and den we went to the mall and ate pizza

and den he got gas and a car wash hehe

and den we went back to his house and watched his Bar Mitzvah and BUTTERFLY EFFECT

and den we picked up Drew and had starbucks

and den we played some DDR and air hockey (i beat him 3 times and he beat me once)

and den we went back to his house and just talked (IT WAS REALLY NICE)

he was going to sleep over but my parents said no

so i had to take the fly away home...he waited until i left and talked to me on the phone

i talked to him the whole time i was in the bus because i was helping him find his car hehe

as you can see..i had an amazing 6 month anniversary

i made him a scrapbook

and he gave me a yellow card cd WOOP WOOP hehe

Daniel...i love you and had such a fun day with you...i cant wait to do this again



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