Yammie (ourxfirstxtime) wrote,

lets talk about sex baby

- Current Clothes: pcr plaid sweats and turquoise wife beater
- Current Mood: rambunxious (spelling)
- Current Music: The Sun Maroon 5
- Current Taste: wintergreen
- Current Make-up: none
- Current Hair: bleh...up in a bun (well kinda) 
- Current Smell: hottness
- Current thing I ought to be doing: talking to Daniel
- Current Desktop Picture: some place (lol im on my dad's comp)
- Current Favorite Artist: JoJo
- Current Favorite Group:Maroon 5
- Current Book: California Drivers Handbook
- Current CD in CD Player: Maroon 5
- Current tape in VCR: It was Gaddica but my brother just took it out
- Current Color Of Toenails: hot pink with a little flower
- Current Refreshment: none
- Current Worry: when im gonna get my permit :(

[ LAST .. ]
- You Touched: this keyboard .. duh? ..
- You Talked to: my brother
- You Hugged: Daniel
- You Instant messaged: Daniel
- You Yelled At: my brother
- You Kissed: Daniel :-P

[ FAV0RiTE .. ]
- Foods: MANGO
- Drink: Water and Chai Tea
- Color: pink and orange
- Album: Songs about Jane
- Shoes: these hott striped ballet looking shoes
- Candy: pretty much anything with the letters c-a-n-d- and y in them
- Animal: Bella (Judy's puppy)
- TV Show: Summerland, One tree hill, Degrassi, OC
- Song: I love you more today than yesterday (DANIEL :-D)
- Vegetable: bell peppers
- Fruit: MANGO
- Cartoon: Rugrats
[ ARE Y0U .. ]
- Understanding: yea
- Open-minded: yea
- Arrogant: nope
- Insecure: yea
- Interesting: DUH
- Easily Amused: UMM YA!
- Random: but of course
- Hungry: always lol but dont worry i eat :-D 

- Smart: im smarter than i give myself credit for
- Moody: sometimes
- Childish: haha yes 
- Independent: to a certain extent
- Healthy: I try
- Emotionally Stable: yea
- Shy: UMMM NO
- Difficult: haha sometimes
- Bored Easily: ya but i try to entertain myself :-P
- Messy: I'd rarther call it leaving something where ever i go so people dont forget i was there :-D
- Thirsty: most of the time
- Responsible: when i need to be
- Obsessed: with certain things yes
- Angry: occasionally
- Sad: thankfully not right now
- Happy: DUH!
- Trusting: definately
- Talkative: one time at band camp :-D lol YES I AM...AND DERN PROUD OF IT!

[ WH0 D0 Y0U WANT T0 .. ]
- Kill: no one
- Slap: my brother most of the time
- Get High With: "I dont do that shit"
- Tickle: my boy friend :-D
- Look Like: ME! haha that might sound conceited but i dont want to look like neone else
- Talk To Offline: my boy friend (lol he has been the answer to a lot of these questions)

- Talk To Online:ANYONE

- Been kissed? YES :-D
- Done Drugs? NEVER
- Eaten an entire box of Oreos? haha no but that sounds like A LOT of fun
- Been on stage? yes.
- Dumped Someone? NO
- Gotten in a car accident? :( unfortunately yes
- Been in love? YES
[ FAV0RiTE .. ]
-Shampoo? YES YES YES! herbal essence baby :-D
-Toothpaste? aquafresh (haha i had to go check what kind i use)
-Soap? cucumber melon :-D
-Room in your house? mine as of today (i dont have one right now though because its being re done)
-Instrument? my voice :-D
[ EiTHER/0R .. ]
-Coffee or hot chocolate? Hot chocolate
-big or little? big
-Lace or satin? satin
-New or old? new.
-Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt? Tom Cruise (he is so pretty)
-Vogue or Cosmopolitan? Vogue (strike a pose)
-Jeans or cords? jeans.
-Sweater or sweatshirt? sweatshirt.
-T-shirt or tank top? tank top
-Skirt or dress? skirt.
-Wool or cotton? cotton.
-Rose or Lily? rose.
-Oldies or pop? pop
-Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? YES :-D DANIEL I LOVE YOU
-Do you have a best friend? Yes a few of them!

[ iN THE LAST 24 H0URS, HAVE Y0U .. ]
- Cried? no
- Helped someone? yup
- Bought something? yea
- Gotten sick? yes
- Gone to the movies? almost but no :(</font></p>

- Gone out for dinner? breakfast/ lunch yes
- Said "I love you"? yes
- Written a real letter? naw
- Moved on? from what? dont think so
- Talked to an ex? i dont have one of those so no
- Missed an ex? nope
- Talked to someone you have a crush on? Does my bf count? 
- Had a serious talk? i think so
- Missed someone? YES a few people :(
- Hugged someone? WOO HOO yes
- Fought with your parents? lol ya
- Fought with a friend? :( YES

[ D0 Y0U .. ]
- Wear eye shadow? most of the time
- Put on a "front"? a lot of the time :(
- Have a crush on someone? Does my bf count? 
- Eat with your mouth open? probbly! :)
- If you got a tattoo, where would you get it? Lower back 
- What color is your floor/carpet in your room? PINK WOO HOO
- What was the last CD you bought? my bf bought me a yellow card cd :-D
- How did you spend last summer? doing nothing and going on a cruise
- When's the last time you showered? at like 11 amish
- Are you lonely? im not sure
- Are you happy? EXTREMELY
- Are you wearing pajamas? uh huh
- Are you talking to someone online? YES
- What is your astrological sign? ARIES BABY Daniel i love you :-D

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